Impact of Habitat for Humanity Home Ownership

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In 2015, The Amherst Wilder Foundation conducted market research for Habitat for Humanity™ of MN.  The goal of this project was to determine whether moving into a Habitat for Humanity home improved the residents’  quality of life.

Specifically, Habitat for Humanity of MN seeks to improve:

  • Safety
  • Health
  • Education
  • Social Connectedness
  • Family Interaction and Personal Well-Being
  • Economic Situation

Many organizations stop short of determining the impact of their activities and programs on their constituencies.  These organizations often focus on accountability in the form of:  Did we complete the activities/actions we said we would, on time and within budget?

While this level of focus informs the management role of high-level executives, it does nothing to inform the leadership role.

Having the foresight and commitment to KNOW, whether your organization is fulfilling its mission, at the constituent level, is a fundamental first step to sound leadership decision-making.

We at KMRC are experienced at working with organizations and businesses to define, measure and provide insights that inform leadership decisions.

So is Habitat for Humanity MN achieving the important aspects of its mission?  The answer is YES!!


Here are some of the findings.


Pic1 Pic3 Pic2


Here’s the Link to the Original Report


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